Serious Wonder Sci-Fi Writing Contest

Serious Wonder will be hosting a Sci-Fi Writing Contest, to which the selected winners will be awarded limited edition, signed copies of Andrew Nelson’s Serious Wonder version of “Robot Child” – a copy of this print can be seen above. Each Sci-Fi story you send in must be limited anywhere from 350 to 1,000 words.

Limited Edition Prints $150.00

Recently Serious Wonder have been in talks with Andrew Lincoln Nelson, a futuristic graphic designer and founder of Androtics LLC. Andrew is known prominently for his “Robot Child” works, which can be seen below, or by clicking the link. 


Androtics LLC and integrate research and artistic expression into a multidisciplinary exploration of self-replicating machines, futuristic non-anthropoid worlds, ruminations on post-human intelligences and the study of artificial life and evolving machines