Pitchfork Media: Music and the Psychedelics

Pitchfork Media’s “Music and the Psychedelic Mind”

Check out this artfully done mini-doc by Pitchfork and director team Cousins on psychedelics and its effect on modern music. They interview experts, musicians, and historians about the marriage of psychedelics and music, and its rebellious offspring affectionately known as rock & roll. Interviewee’s include Daedelus, TOKiMONSTA, Dr. Strangeloop (woo!), Doldrums, and Dr. Charles Grob…


Festo Corp. Creates a Robotic String Quintet

Festo has created a fantastic musical robot. We talk a lot about “future music” here at Serious Wonder. Most of the time we’re talking about current musicians making innovative music for tomorrow, every once in a while we come across something truly futuristic. This is one of those whiles. [youtube id=”XE1Mgo2ZimY” width=”620″ height=”360″] The Sound…

World Technology Network Summit and Awards

World Technology Summit and Awards 2012

The 2012 World Technology Summit and Awards 2012 were held at the Time – Life Building in NYC on October 22nd and 23rd.  The conference started with a welcoming remark from Damian Slattery, Executive Director of Integrated Marketing at Time Magazine. Slattery pointed out that “TIME is not a magazine, it is a dashboard.”  He…