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SERIOUS WONDER offers a unique and targeted demographic of loyal techno-obsessed readers interested in the wonders of futuristic technology, sci-fi, physics, robotics, science, space, futuristic design, and techno-philosophy.

As a SERIOUS WONDER advertiser you will gain access to over to our unique futuristic technology readers. Select an ad size or ad placement that fits your brand or project below.

Advertising Opportunities:

Ad Units :

Ad unit dimensions:

  • 450 x 80 main homepage banner (Monthly Unit) $150
  • 125 x 125 home page right sidebar (Monthly Unit) $100
  • 125 x 125 feature ad inside post (Per Article) $25
  • In article links to your website (Per link -Max one per article ) $10

Sponsored Post: $250


  • One Newsletter Post
  • 1  TWEET
  • 1 Facebook posts about your Sponsored Post on SERIOUS WONDER.

Sponsored Posts go way beyond the graphic display ad banner. Once we have published your Sponsored Post we share your post with our social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, G+ . We can collect all meta data for your post as well as social reach as well.

Your Sponsored Post will be inserted directly into our editorial flow.  A Sponsored Post allows our writers to highlight and review your product or brand for the Serious Wonder readers. Our writers can incorporate your brand message into our editorial content seamlessly allowing your brand to be the focus of your Sponsored Post. Your Sponsored Post can be a single unit or an ongoing monthly review or conversation about your brand. This could include new products, contests or events your brand may be planning.

Your Sponsored Post will receive immediate top post placement in our latest article list as well as above the fold feature post placement on our homepage. Clicking the Sponsored article will lead readers to a full post page with your Sponsored Post including any video or images that spotlight your post. Your Sponsored Post remains on our site like all of our other articles, forever living in the Serious Wonder universe.

*1 Full Ad Package: $350


  •  450 x 80 ad on Serious Wonder homepage for one month.
  • One Sponsored Post article on Serious Wonder
  • One Newsletter Post
  • 2  TWEETS
  • 2 Facebook posts about your Sponsored Post on SERIOUS WONDER.


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