Life After Death

Immortality Now: Death as Metamorphosis

Death may be the most uncomfortable and fear-inducing fact of life. But recent research suggests that there may be nothing to fear because death is more like a metamorphosis than an ending. Our views of death are important. Research over the years has found that our fear of death influences our beliefs and choices in…


Choosing to Live in an Abundant Universe

We are surrounded by messages of scarcity. The economy is in recession and more and more friends and family are without work or are having trouble living comfortably. Cities are going bankrupt and cutting back on critical services like education, police and fire personnel. Our ever growing population and demand for cheap energy and natural resources is stressing ecosystems in the oceans and on land.


Superhero Fact or Fiction?

The summer blockbuster movie season is in full swing and many of the biggest movies are about superheroes, including the Avengers and the Amazing Spider-Man. In contrast to the superheroes on the screen, many of our leaders today seem all too human and