World Technology Network Summit and Awards

World Technology Summit and Awards 2012

The 2012 World Technology Summit and Awards 2012 were held at the Time – Life Building in NYC on October 22nd and 23rd.  The conference started with a welcoming remark from Damian Slattery, Executive Director of Integrated Marketing at Time Magazine. Slattery pointed out that “TIME is not a magazine, it is a dashboard.”  He…


Sasquatch Search Goes Futuristic

No campfire gathering would be complete without a frightening  Sasquatch (i.e. Bigfoot ) story. Now Sasquatch researchers may give campfire storyteller’s even more to talk about. THE FALCON PROJECT aims to launch an airship that will float above the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest in the hopes of capturing  aerial footage of the elusive Sasquatch. The…

Simulation Theory

The Simulated Universe Theory May Be Real

The Simulated Universe may be real. We assume that what we taste, smell, feel and see in our world are all “real” experiences.  However, physicists are now saying that we may be able to find proof that we are really living inside a simulation. This unbelievable theory is not a new concept. The Matrix, Plato’s Allegory…


3-D Cosmos: New Awareness Of Deep Space

Check out these amazing 3D art GIFs from J-P Metsavainio. Although these renderings are based on astronomical objects, this may be as close as we can get to seeing these remarkable structures in a 3d for quite some time. Metsavainio describes his process this way… I have tested a new method to publish my 3D-images as…


Looper: Our Inevitable Time Travel

If you do not follow the latest advancements in science or understand the concept of the singularity, time travel may sound far fetched or like pure science fiction. However, at some point in the near future…the “impossible” will become possible. Time travel will happen. To be a time traveler you will need to be mentally capable of…


HOMINID: Evolutionary Nightmares in X-Ray

[vimeo id=”37742808″ width=”620″ height=”360″] Can you imagine what a nightmare our world would become if hungry ecologically insensitive humans gobble up all the resources and dominate the gene pool with human hybrid chimeras! Hominid — a short animation by director Brian Andrews gives us a vision of what life could become or could be in an alternate…



Re- Think  Your Life includes inspirational quotes from Steve Jobs,  Bill Hicks, David Lynch, Terence  McKenna, and Jason Silva. It speaks to the importance of consciousness and creativity. A beautifully shot and composed short video.