Brightest Comet In 100 Years Arrives In 2013

A new comet named C/2012 S1 (ISON) was discovered on September 21 by Russian astronomers Vitali Nevski and Artyom Novichonok using the International Scientific Optical Network’s (ISON) telescope. The comet is expected to come within 1.1 million miles of the sun on or around, November 29, 2013 and could be seen by the naked eye from…

NASA Concept Art

NASA: Past Visions of Future Space Travel

As we say goodbye to Endeavour and look to the future of space travel in the US and around the world, we wanted to take a moment to admire the futurist concepts that inspired NASA’s space shuttle program. Endeavour was NASA’s fifth and final space shuttle to be built. Construction began on Sept. 28, 1987…


Visual Meditation: New Zealand

[vimeo id=”43799611″ width=”620″ height=”360″] This beautiful short film called Aotearoa is presented by photographer Nathan Kaso. Kaso describes the film as “a combination of time lapse and video shot over two weeks while exploring the South Island of New Zealand. Locations include Queenstown, Arrowtown, Wanaka, Kinloch, Glenorchy, Fox Glacier, Mount Cook National Park, Twizel, Lindis Pass and…

Makerbot 2 3D Printer

MakerBot Replicator 2 Printing The Future

Brooklyn-based MakerBot has just released its 4th generation 3D desktop printer called MakerBot Replicator 2 and it is going to change small business as we know it. 3D printing has been around for some time. However with this new generation 3D printer, small businesses and individuals will be able to print objects that are fully…


Metanoia: A New Vision of Nature

A great film by author Simon G Powell, one of our Serious Wonder contributors. A positive movie full of inspiration. Quite refreshing considering the fear mongering, CIA witch hunting, “elites are gonna eat our babies”, “I’ve got the truth right over here”, conspiracy junkies that love a good “splitting” session. Splitting in psychology terms is…


LIFE: The Singularity Ruined by Lawyers

The Technology Singularity is closer that you think and it is clear that humanity is ill equipped to handle the ethical and philosophical questions we will face. This video highlights several issues that will surround digitizing and uploading consciousness. A huge question still remains unanswered, what is consciousness? Where does it reside and how do…

Jupiter Impact George Hall

Jupiter Impact: Our Cosmic Shield

A huge burst of light on Jupiter was recorded September 10th at 11:35 UT by amateur astronomer George Hall. Hall did not actually see the impact, he was however recording it with his camera attached telescope. Another amateur astronomer Dan Peterson actually witnessed the flash and reported it to other astronomers for verification.