Futurist and “Wonder Junkie” Jason Silva describes the idea of radical openness. Jason Silva has a fantastic optimistic passion for new ideas and spreading those ideas around, and this video does not disappoint.  Quoting Richard Dawkins, Kevin Kelly, Terence McKenna as well as other thought leaders, Jason paints a perfect picture of  just how powerful…

Gray Scott Dreams

Dreaming Indigenous

I recently traveled to Arizona, Utah, and Nevada for my second brief tour of the Southwest.  My first visit to this beautiful area of the United States was for the TOWARD A SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS conference in Tucson Arizona. This time, however, I had the opportunity to travel to a couple of locations and visit…


Beyond The Black Rainbow

For those of you interested in psychedelic mind trips, evil psychopathic scientists, and fantastic visual stimulation that may cause a spontaneous release of DMT, director Panos Cosmatos has a film for you! BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW looks like it might tear open the 2001: A Space Odyssey scar, poor in just a bit of THE…