Metanoia: A New Vision of Nature

A great film by author Simon G Powell, one of our Serious Wonder contributors. A positive movie full of inspiration. Quite refreshing considering the fear mongering, CIA witch hunting, “elites are gonna eat our babies”, “I’ve got the truth right over here”, conspiracy junkies that love a good “splitting” session. Splitting in psychology terms is…


LIFE: The Singularity Ruined by Lawyers

The Technology Singularity is closer that you think and it is clear that humanity is ill equipped to handle the ethical and philosophical questions we will face. This video highlights several issues that will surround digitizing and uploading consciousness. A huge question still remains unanswered, what is consciousness? Where does it reside and how do…


Choosing to Live in an Abundant Universe

We are surrounded by messages of scarcity. The economy is in recession and more and more friends and family are without work or are having trouble living comfortably. Cities are going bankrupt and cutting back on critical services like education, police and fire personnel. Our ever growing population and demand for cheap energy and natural resources is stressing ecosystems in the oceans and on land.

Jupiter Impact George Hall

Jupiter Impact: Our Cosmic Shield

A huge burst of light on Jupiter was recorded September 10th at 11:35 UT by amateur astronomer George Hall. Hall did not actually see the impact, he was however recording it with his camera attached telescope. Another amateur astronomer Dan Peterson actually witnessed the flash and reported it to other astronomers for verification.