Futurist and “Wonder Junkie” Jason Silva describes the idea of radical openness. Jason Silva has a fantastic optimistic passion for new ideas and spreading those ideas around, and this video does not disappoint.  Quoting Richard Dawkins, Kevin Kelly, Terence McKenna as well as other thought leaders, Jason paints a perfect picture of  just how powerful…


Dalai Lama Buddhist Science

Why does consciousness seem to complicate reality? – A question that arose in my mind upon hearing that His Holiness the Dalai Lama was coming to England to spread his teachings of non-violence. The Dalai Lama, spiritual leader of TibetanBuddhist’s was visiting Manchester to share his wisdom and knowledge, something which he has dedicated his…


Superhero Fact or Fiction?

The summer blockbuster movie season is in full swing and many of the biggest movies are about superheroes, including the Avengers and the Amazing Spider-Man. In contrast to the superheroes on the screen, many of our leaders today seem all too human and

Gray Scott Dreams

Dreaming Indigenous

I recently traveled to Arizona, Utah, and Nevada for my second brief tour of the Southwest.  My first visit to this beautiful area of the United States was for the TOWARD A SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS conference in Tucson Arizona. This time, however, I had the opportunity to travel to a couple of locations and visit…


The Science of Connectedness

I am a family doctor, trained to treat the chemistry of the body with chemicals from a pharmacy. A month after my eighteenth birthday, I was introduced to the complexities of the human form by clumsily wielding a scalpel, forceps and scissors through the grey, lifeless formalin-preserved tissue of a cadaver – only occasionally reflecting…


The Mind In Unity: Past, Present and Future

Does the past and future truly exist? What is the nature of time and is it just another illusion swimming in the pool of illusory forms which our three-dimensional world holds? It unquestionably is the most powerful dictator of our world. Einstein said time is merely a human concept used to separate events, so how…