Members of Serious Wonder have the ability to acquire SWS points that can be used to become a contributor, take workshops, purchase merchandise from the store, and much more. Check out the list below for further details.

SWS Contributor

  • SW Members with an accumulation of 2000 + points have the opportunity to become a contributor. The details would include approval for up to two published articles daily and a photo/bio spot on our 'About Us' page.
  • Photo and Bio on the About us Page

Futurist Workshop

  • SW Members with 2,500+ points are eligible to take workshops that cover the latest in futurist writing, philosophy, technology, and more. Upcoming Workshops:
  • Futurist Writer's Workshop 1.0 - Learn the basics of writing about future technology, trends, and consciousness from scientific and predictive standpoints.
  • Language, Philosophy and Futurism - How to develop and use language as a tool for philosophical thinking and predicting future trends.
  • Gray Scott is a FUTURIST / NEURO-TECHNOLOGY-PHILOSOPHER, speaker, artist and writer. (Workshop Description coming soon)

Conference/Convention Press Trip

  • SW Members with 15,000+ have the ability to attend and cover conferences/conventions as press. The trip will include a SW T-shirt, personal business cards, a press pass, and travel accommodations.
  • Travel Accommodations. (Flight/Hotel)
  • Press Pass (Press Credentials to Cover Event)
  • Personalized Business Cards and T-shirt

SERIOUS WONDER ™  is a progressive futurist technology and consciousness website. We are obsessed with the future. Our mission is to bring our readers the best in futuristic ideas, technology, robotics, science, consciousness, philosophy, psychology, space travel, and modern design.

Intense curiosity, positive intention and inspired imagination can transform our  reality and our future. This future will be more magical and abundant than anyone could ever imagine. We are constantly looking for innovation and optimistic wonder.  The future is our passion.

[infobox]How to earn SWP (Serious Wonder Points)[/infobox]

[accordion titles=”Serious Wonder Points”]

100 Points – Becoming a Member

100 Points –  Article Submission- (Max. 2 articles per day)

20 Points – Creating a group

15 Points – Completed Friend Request

5 Points – Uploading a group avatar

5 Points – New  Forum Topic

5 Points – Avatar Uploaded

1 Points – Visiting the Site Once a Day

1 Points – For Each Article Read on SW

1 Points – Update Status or Profile

1 Points – Leaving a reply

1 Points – Group Update or Reply

1 Points – New Group Forum Post

1 Points – Message Sent

1 Points – Comment on Post


(More Point Incentives Coming Soon!)