Goodnightmares Future Music

Future Music: Goodnightmares

After our first future music feature on No Glow last month, we asked him to point us in the direction of some other NYC artists making creative and fresh music. He didn’t disappoint. Goodnightmares (Abe) makes groovy bass-centric beats out of Brooklyn. Take a night out in Brooklyn and you’ll hear these UK-influenced beats are becoming more…


Pitchfork Media: Music and the Psychedelics

Pitchfork Media’s “Music and the Psychedelic Mind”

Check out this artfully done mini-doc by Pitchfork and director team Cousins on psychedelics and its effect on modern music. They interview experts, musicians, and historians about the marriage of psychedelics and music, and its rebellious offspring affectionately known as rock & roll. Interviewee’s include Daedelus, TOKiMONSTA, Dr. Strangeloop (woo!), Doldrums, and Dr. Charles Grob…


Future Music: NO GLOW Interview

[soundcloud url=”″ height=”200″ iframe=”true” /] The internet has done a lot for independent artists in the 21st century. Its opened up the door for many artists to create and distribute their work without going through labels or having to physically distribute tapes. Its created a thriving underground network that allows artists, fans and the media…