Internet for Grabs: Hacktivism and the Future

If you’ve been following the recent surge of violence between Israel and Palestine, you may have seen that the Twitter account of Israeli Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom was hacked by a hacktivism group loosely associated with Anonymous. They generally ran amuck on his account, apparently got his phone number, and will possibly be releasing…


Theoretical Physicists Talk Superposition in Time

Theoretical physicists from the University of Vienna have released a statement that challenges our understanding of physics. In it they claim that according to quantum mechanics there are conceivable “situations in which a single event can be both, a cause and an effect of another one.” The radical idea rests on the concept of superposition; where a…


LIFE: The Singularity Ruined by Lawyers

The Technology Singularity is closer that you think and it is clear that humanity is ill equipped to handle the ethical and philosophical questions we will face. This video highlights several issues that will surround digitizing and uploading consciousness. A huge question still remains unanswered, what is consciousness? Where does it reside and how do…